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: Work

/09 .Workshops for Projectmanagement, Moderation- and Creativity technics at KHB and TUB
/09 .Project coach part time at TUB & KHB Berlin-Weißensee
/06 .Founding of formaffair berlin, product design and human factors
/05 .Internship at Ecke-Design Berlin
/95 .Working as a freelancer

: Education

/10 .Master MSc. Human Factors, TU-Berlin
/08 .Human factor Studies, Domain medical engineering, Institut für Konstruktion, Micro und Medizintechnik, TUB
/06 .Diplom Industrial Design, KHB, Berlin-Weißensee
/93 .Journeyman’s certificate, Cabinet maker

: Abroad

/03-04 .Exchange semester, ECIAD, Vancouver, BC, Kanada/ Video Art – 3D Animation – Industrial Design
/03 .Project work, Hong Kong Polytech University, China Cultural Design Exploration, Germany -USA -China

: Mentions

/03 .European Design Award, DuPont Europe
/02 .German Design Award, DuPont Germany
/01 .Design Award of Europa Carton, Germany

: Events under the label COPACETIC

/ “camp tipsy”, floor designer/ HoP
/ “Mindexchange” I (Vancouver, BC, Canada, “Mindexchange” II & III in Berlin) Design & Art and Design Exhibition
/ “Cinemattack” I-III, 60 hours video festival in private rooms.
/ “Nachbars Braten” I-III, Outside restaurant event for community

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