formaffair berlin

produkt design & human factors

Design „bahar berlin / edeltrash“

b-flat jazzclub/ berlin 2016

Camp Tipsy 2016

The Missing Apex – art project for Deniz Kurtel, Brooklyn/ NY

Eisdieler Berlin, fashion shop

´the maze´ istanbul/turkey

stands for clothing in refuree shelters

`the fifth house´ music and art generator/ brooklyn-NY

Installation at Hirschhof/ Berlin 2013

presentation showcase

Internationale Building Workshops @ UdN/ Hamburg

UdN: “Made in…”/ Seeds in Hamburg 2011

Design Consultancy & Product Design Development for LAFIM (Landesausschuss für Innere Mission)

Developement of a robot prototype

stop motion workshop with children

“Engel über Berlin” Design of Wing Construction

concept design of multi polar high frequency scalpel

Stretcher for general rescue purpose

Rescuebee – water rescue device

the bended wood of the native americans

“Q-Beam” system

Mobil Medical Aid Kit

Self levelling ladder

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