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UdN: “Made in…”/ Seeds in Hamburg 2011

Ideas are seeds; are concepts that can develop and grow- come to life – or even not!

Just sometimes it is difficult to have them if you are to much in reality… and to turn them around.

A project in collaboration with Arlett Manzke and Andreas Brück.

At the UdN Wilhelmsburg, during the workshop “Made in …”, we discussed the Wilhelmsburg district within a week and received various impulses in the form of words, phrases, impressions, video footage and pictures.

We have fed all these words into random machines developed during the process (we call them “idea alternator fulgurators”). The machines combine two or three terms and spit out initially rather absurd combinations that we have to interpreted in order to develop projects.

However, it is not about proposing concrete projects for Wilhelmsburg, but about exploring new, unimagined possibilities and working creatively

… we want to give an impetus, want to provoke, caricature, reflect.

project by urban design/ HCU


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