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Rescuebee – water rescue device

Rescuebee – water rescue device

How can I cast a rope more than 10m to a person? That is not too easy. Research was done due to poor solutions widespread to far regions. I observed fisherman net casing techniques as well as clay pigeons, different kinds of sports e.g. Jai Alai and possible mechanical solutions.


Detail of prototype

Rescuebee is an application to unroll a leach – a Frisbee-like dispenser unit. The distance is easily adjustable by the leach. It is to be used like a regular Frisbee. The leach is to be rolled on the rescuebee according to the casting direction for left or right handed people. There has to be an adhesive label on the surface as an indicator for that direction. If you get the wrong one to work with you just have to change from forehand to backhand use, or other way around.zeichnung_frisbee-wurf

Once in the air it unrolls the leach until its pre-adjusted length. In this very moment the spin of the rescuebee is opening the application unit and splits it in four parts. A 1x1m net is unfolding itself from the inner rim of the rescuebee. The victim can stick to this net or one of the four parts. Both will swim in the water according to their material. There is a good chance that the victim can keep hold of it even if he becomes unconscious. The 1sqm net multiplies the chance of the victim to get hold of the rescue unit.


Rescuebee is designed for backhand and forehand spin

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The project was developed in cooperation with the water rescue service Potsdam, Berlin Fire Fighter Department, Du Pont Germany and Laerdal Norway for technical information.
Mr. Denis Rudolph, Water Rescue Service Potsdam, Germany and Prof. Helmut Staubach KHB Berlin, school of Art & Design, Germany

All pictures and ideas are intelectual property of zander jabs, formaffair/Germany

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